What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu shastra is a traditional Indian system of architecture originating in India. It takes advantage of the forces of nature to produce the most compatible setting to live and work. The word “Vastu” means dwelling and “Shastra” means Science.


Vastu is the science of direction that integrates all the five elements of nature with man. The focus is to bring prosperity, health and happiness in the lives of the dwellers by designing the household architecture in a way that the structure takes advantage of the “ Panchabootas” or five elements of nature which are Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Space.


Apart from the five elements, Vastu Shastra tries to imbibe the characteristics and influences of magnetic fields and gravitational effects of Earth, Sun and other planets; the direction and velocity of the winds, light and heat of the Sun; and also the direction and intensity of rainfall. All these characteristics are taken into consideration while building and interior designing of a home that brings peace, stability and prosperity into the lives of the dweller.

Vastu Consultation Near Me

It is great to have someone to talk to regarding Vastu in your home. We are always available at your service to provide you with the best Vastu Consultation. It must be noted that Vastu for plains is not the same for the Vastu in the mountains. Since Vastu Shastra depends on the climate and landscaping of a particular place, the Vastu needed in Kolkata will be very different to the Vastu needed in Bangalore.


We promise to guide you through all the vastu needs that you have through personal meetings or provide you with the perfect Vastu product.

Vastu Expert : Why is it important?

Vastu Shastra is a belief and process of keeping our house healthy. It is very important to understand the fine details of this process. Vastu Shastra needs to be understood in detail and depth to be able to take full benefits of this concept. Half knowledge can be very dangerous and can cause negative impacts on your lives. Vastu Shastra is a very useful tool but must be practised with complete knowledge.


It takes professional knowledge to implement Vastu Shastra properly and with most effectiveness. Thus, we at Creative Square Feet are ready to consult you regarding any query you might have about Vastu in your house.


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Vastu Shastra Consultant for Different Rooms

Vastu Consultation for different room are mentioned below:

  • Vastu Shastra for Centre Of the Room: The centre of the room must always receive the maximum energy and it must have the space to circulate these energies. Thus it is always advised that the centre of the house must have open space like a courtyard. This enables the energy to circulate at the centre of the house which proves to be very beneficial.
  • Vastu Shastra for Kitchen: Kitchens should never be located above or below the bathroom, puja room or bedroom according to the Vastu Shastra. Kitchen should be located to the South-East direction of the house. Bright colours should be applied to the kitchen and black must be avoided at all costs.
  • Vastu Shastra for Bedroom: The South-West corner of the home is the ideal location for the bedroom. South-East corner should be avoided since it is the dwelling place of Agni which leads to quarrels and misunderstandings between couples.
  • Vastu Shastra for Puja Room: The North-East is the ideal direction to have your pooja room so as to harness maximum energy from the sun. There should be ample space between the idol and the walls on all sides to ensure continuous airflow around the idol.
  • Vastu Shastra for Kids Room: East is the most preferred direction for a kid’s room as it means that the room faces the rising sun. Other directions like North East or North are other directions which can be used. It is advisable for the kids’ room to face open spaces.


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How to Boost Positive Energy in your House?

Vastu Shastra has all the answers about the process of increasing positive energy throughout the house. Some of the useful ways of increasing positive energy around the house are mentioned below:

  • The main door should not be painted black.
  • The main door should be decorated with beautiful name plates or  torans.
  • Avoid placing animal statues or figurines near the main door should be avoided.
  • It must be ensured that your main door opens in a clockwise manner.
  • The main door should tower above the other doors in your house made from good quality wood so that it looks attractive.
  • Avoid placing a fountain, or any other decorative water-centric element, outside the main door.
  • Avoid placing a shoe rack or dustbin outside the main door should be avoided
  • There shouldn’t be a bathroom near the main door.
  • The main entrance should be well lit.
  • The living room should face east, north or north-east.
  • It is advisable to keep heavy furniture should be kept in the west or south-west direction of the living room.
  • All electronics appliances should be installed in the south-east section of the living room
  • Avoid placing a mirror or television in front of the bed. Your reflection must not be seen in a mirror when in bed as it causes fights and other domestic disruptions.
  • The bedroom walls should be painted in neutral or earthy shades as it radiates positive energy. Avoid painting your walls black.
  • Avoid having a temple, paintings depicting water or a fountain in the bedroom as it could cause emotional outbursts.

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Ques: Which Vastu is good for House?

Ans: As per Vastu, the best and most auspicious direction and place for the Pooja room is the north-east corner of your house. If north-east placement is not feasible, it can be set up in the east or the west side of the house.

Ques: Does Vastu Shastra really work?

Ans: Vastu Shastra may not be essential for living, but it is helpful for a better and healthier life. It is the science of the environment you live in. The energy generating in the environment you live will define the energy you build in you and your mind.

Ques: How do I know my Vastu Shastra?

Ans: According to Vastu Shastra, your doorway should face towards north direction, east direction, or north-east direction. That means when you step out of your house you must be facing towards the north, east, or north-east direction.

Ques: How can I attract money at home?

Ans: The steps of attracting money are mentioned below:

  1. Remove anything unnecessary or broken.
  2. Use colors like red, green and violet to attract prosperity.
  3. If your entrance isn’t attractive, no one will visit—including prosperity.
  4. Make sure your kitchen is always clean.
  5. Remove any traces of clutter in your home.
  6. A warm bedroom.
  7. Don’t flush it away.
Ques: Who is Vastu God?

Ans: Vastu Purusha is the god for construction of structures and buildings. The creator, Brahma, had made the person as “god of the house”.