What is Express Painting?

The house takes a whole new dimension when brushed with the colours of one’s soul and what better place to express your feelings than the four walls of your home. If only everything could be said in words, there would be no need to paint. Thus like a diary, the colours on the walls of your home tells you who you are and what you feel, what you think and what you believe.

Express Painting containing a complete wall preparation with branded putty, your walls will never be the same as before. With the help of experienced professionals we promise a smooth finish. For Interior and Exterior Painting we use dust putty for better wall maintenance and finish with tubelight checkup of walls to ensure unwrinkled  walls so that they reflect your feelings properly.


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Interior Painting

Interior Painting should be done while keeping certain things in mind- the hue must be in sync with the owner’s personality and thinking, the colour must make the room bright instead of making it gloomy and dull. There are many options for express painting with figures, landscapes or monochrome design. The use of lights are very important when it comes to interior painting and it is very important that the painting and the lighting complements each other to ensure proper appeal.


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Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting is not only about keeping the house safe and healthy but also about keeping the house cool and comfortable. The exterior painting of the house becomes a symbol of pride and delight for the owner. The colour combination of the exterior painting determines the overall temperature of the house since all colour shades don’t have the same capability to absorb sunlight. A Light shade helps to keep the house cooler as compared to darker shades. Using high quality paints helps to keep the house safe from natural impairment through storms, rains or pollution.


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Why Choose Creative Square Feet for Express Painting?

There are a host of reasons why choosing Creative Square Feet is prudent. The reasons are:

Brand Flexibility in Express Painting 

Companies like Berger Express Painting or Nerolac Express Painting are rigid as to the products they use. We are flexible to choose the best brand according to the type of work we do. It is a well-known fact that Asian Paints is the best when it comes to Paint, but the other products of Asian Paints are shaky at best. Berger Oil Based Primer is the best in that category but there are better alternatives when it comes to wall putty or paint quality. Berger Express painting, Nerolac Express Painting or Asian Paints Express Painting will be very rigid and stick to their company for all products in spite of better alternatives in the market. We have the option for using the best brand for every product we use.


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Cost Effective Express Painting

It is almost an universal truth that the Berger Express Painting Cost is very high. It is almost similar for Nerolac Express Painting Cost and other products. The reason for this is the price of painting per square feet. Since they price it as per the surface area, they include every bit of area they paint, no matter how insignificant that portion is. But we at Creative Square Feet charge on the basis of the total painting we do which is invariably less costly than the per square feet pricing.

This makes our work more personal and we think the whole painting to be one single work rather than a number of square feets. We don’t charge extra money for every single entra painting like that of small pillars of window panes which would otherwise be added if done by Berger Express Painting.


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Types of Express Painting

Express Painting can be done using any kind of painting brand. We are flexible to choose the brand as requested by the owner. The details about each type of express painting are mentioned below:

Berger Express Painting

Berger has a wide variety of paints and it is a household brand. Berger enables us to paint with our imagination. Although it is the third largest painting company in India, the quality of the colour is better than many of its peers. Its customers range from homeowners to industrial use. Some of the most popular Berger Paints are Breath Easy, Silk Luxury Emulsion, Easy Clean, Rangoli Total Care and Weather Coat All Guard catering to almost all the needs of the customer.

Nerolac Express Painting

Nerolac Paints is the second largest paint maker in India. Although their share in the home painting segment is less than others, it is a leading brand in the industrial paint segment. They offer a good quality of colorful paints for interiors, exteriors, metal and wood painting category. The range of products for Nerolac Paints includes Decorative Paints, Automotive Coatings, Performance Coatings. It has more than 500 shades of colours to choose from.

Asian Paints Express Painting

Asian Paints is the best brand in India when it comes to paints. It has the best quality and the highest variety among all its peers. Asian paints are the market leader in the paint industry due to their dominance  in the decorative paint segments. It is ranked as one among the top ten decorative coatings companies in the world today because of their strong brand quality. Asian paints offer a vast variety of colors for our walls. Asian paints manufacture and export decorative paints, emulsion paints, protective coatings, industrial paints, and automotive paints.

Some of the products of Asian Paints include- Tractor Emulsion, Premium Emulsion, Royale Luxury, Royale Shyne in the Interior Paints segment; Ace Emulsion, Upex, Apex Ultima Exterior Paint in the Exterior Paints segment; Enamel Paint, Water Based Royale Luxury Enamel in the Metal Finishes segment and Asian Paint WaterProofing Material in the Water Proofing segment.

Ques: How much does Express Painting cost?

Ans: The cost depends on the area to be done. While other companies charge after measuring the area. We quote a price for the entire job thus making express Painting cheaper than others.

Ques: What is Express Painting Machine Price?

Ans: The machine and equipment for Express Painting costs around INR 50,000 to INR 1,00,000.

Ques: How much times does it take to complete?

Ans: It depends on the are to be covered. The more the area and specification the more time it takes.

Ques: How to find which colour combination works best?

Ans: With new software we use, we can try different colour combination in the room and see them on screen. This helps to understand which colour combination works best.

Ques: Is black a good colour choice?

Ans: Any colour might work if the situation or surrounding demands it.