What is Interior Design?

Interior design is a multi-dimensional profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied to build a better interior atmosphere. These solutions enhance the quality of life and culture of the occupants. Designs are created while keeping in mind the building shell, the physical location and social context while adhering to the code and regulatory requirements of environmental sustainability. The interior design process is a product of a systematic and coordinated methodology that includes research, analysis and integration of knowledge.

Interior Design is service that may include one, some or all of the following tasks:

  • Research and analysis of the client’s goals and requirements
  • Formation of initial space plans based on knowledge of the principles of interior design that integrate the client’s program needs.
  • Selection of colors and materials to convey the design concept appropriately so that it meets the socio-psychological, functional, maintenance and environmental safety requirements.
  • Selection of furniture, fixtures and equipment to facilitate pricing, procurement and installation of furniture
  • Provision of project management services, including preparation of project budgets and schedules


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Interior Design Services

Interior Design is important in various places be it home Interior Design, Restaurant Interior, Shop Interior, Mall Interior, BHK Flat Interior Design or Bungalow Interior Design. It adds to the atmosphere of the place. Every Interior location demands different Architectural Interior Design.


Restaurant Interior

Ambience is a very important aspect for any Restaurant. This makes the need for Restaurant Interior all the more necessary. Use of furniture, colours, themes,  aroma enhances the mood of the restaurant.

With the pandemic of Covid-19 not going away anytime soon, restaurants have been forced to change their design. This has been mainly due to the need to follow social distancing measures. This has proved to be a boon to many Interior Designers.


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Shop Interior 

Shops selling products from sarees to food need different interior and exterior decorations to attract customers. Specific shop interior is important for brand recognition and advertisement.

Shopping malls are filled with different shops selling different products. Proper Shop interior allows each shop to mark their presence separately.


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Bungalow Interior Design

India is a country that is engulfed with heritage throughout its land. Although bungalows are rarely built now, India is home to thousands of Bungalows and “Rajbari”. Interior designers flock to such pieces of architecture.

Tourist centres are filled with cottages, bungalows, villas or lodges to house the tourists. For places like these exterior interior design is as important as exterior design.

2 BHK Flat Interior Design

Interior Design is not at all confined to the upper class of the society. Owners of 2BHK and 1 BHK flats are regularly being upgraded to increase circulation, remove stuffiness or increase the beauty of the place. Since flats are generally in small size interior design is very much needed to increase their comfort of living.


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Important aspects of Interior Decoration 

Interior Design is the amalgamation of many different things. The use of specific music style, art or other things may almost certainly be avoided if the owner does not have the taste for it. A poorly planned project will affect the lives of many people consistently and for a long time. With interiors, this effect is even more increased. Some of the important aspects of Interior Decoration and how they should be properly used to produce the desired lived conditions inside the house are mentioned below:



The layout of a project is the positioning of electric equipment, furniture, and objects within the interior space. An organised distribution will create the flow of space and create permanent places for the objects inside the house.

Space can be carefully utilised to create maximum utility. Nowadays, the whole apartament may not be necessarily divided by walls which obstruct ventilation. Careful planning and out of the box thinking helps Interior Designers to create the perfect place to live.


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Furniture has a huge role to play when it comes to interior design, be it fixed or mobile. It is the duty of the interior designer to ensure that furniture choices do not pose a hindrance to elementary concerns such as circulation.


We live in a time when spaces are becoming smaller. This has made the use of proper furniture very important. Flexible furniture that folds, fits together or that increase/decrease in size can be used for double functions. Keeping the smaller dimensions of these internal spaces in mind, furniture designing is gaining ground which helps the owner fit everything in a small square centimeter space.



Living in an increasingly dense world it is essential to feel comfortable, safe and healthy in an interior environment. With Covid-19, we have to spend all the more time in our homes that makes it even more important to keep it comfortable.


Comfort ranges from the aesthetics of the space, the aroma of the environment, the breeze that enters through the window, and the temperature felt when entering. All these help to  improve the quality of life of the inhabitant.


Materials and Coating

The supply of finishing materials is wide and diverse. It takes knowledge and experience to evaluate factors such as their origin, durability, recyclability, and hygienic or environmental properties  to choose the perfect materials to use.

The materials must have both the function of the space and diversity. It is important to gauge the use, the level of wear and tear, conditions of cleaning and exposure to nature when choosing materials. The composition of the material will define its resistance, flexibility, and malleability, and thus its range of applications. The use of fasteners and adhesives should be used properly so as to avoid extra costs and maintain durability.

Interior Design FAQs

Ques: Which degree is best for interior design?

Ans: A bachelor’s degree in any subject is generally sufficient to attain an interior designer job, assuming the students takes the right design-related courses, the BLS reported. However, students who are serious about the career path should take an accredited course in interior design specifically or in a related subject.

Ques: What are the 7 principles of interior design?

Ans: 7 interior design principles are:

  • Balance.
  • Emphasis.
  • Contrast.
  • Rhythm.
  • Scale and proportion.
  • Harmony and unity.
  • Details.
Ques: Do architects design interiors?

Ans: Architects design buildings, while interior designers use furniture, fixtures and other accessories to create a desired look and function for spaces inside a building.

Ques: Is maths necessary for interior designing?

Ans: The scope of interior architecture is larger and so it requires technical knowledge and you will have to study maths. However, you don’t need to study math if you are only interested in interior designing. The diploma consists of two years and three years in college. The degree is a three years course.

Ques: What are the 8 elements of design?

Ans: All visual designs are composed of eight elements (Point, Line, Shape, Form, Tone, Texture, Color, and/or Text). These elements are combined and arranged to create a desired visual appearance.